Provost Tarquin Kreel d'Tharashk

Provost of Acquisitions at Morgrave University



Race: Half-Orc
Level: Unknown
Role: Leader
Class: Warlord/Artificer (Tomb Raider)


Mark of Finding: The mark has replaced the pupil and iris of his left eye, and while he appears to have no loss in perception, he mainly employs the mark to intimidate students unless he’s actually on an expedition. While he has no particular aptitude for magic, the mark allows the Provost to roll twice on perception or navigation-based checks when searching.

Item Use: While not enough of an Artificer that he creates his own items, the Provost is incredibly adept at utilising any he might purchase or find.


Hand Launcher: The Provost always keeps a hand launcher on his hip (even at functions), though he prefers using a carbine if he can help it. The grip in well-worn, and it obviously has some kind of sentimental value attached to it.
Carbine Launcher: The Provost’s preferred weapon. Though he only uses it on expeditions, he has been known to keep its case close, and always travels with it.
Machete: The Provost’s backup weapon, for when he’s out of bullets, or needs to clear bush.
Straight Razor: What the Provost shaves with.


Identification Papers: A tough leather case with waterproof seals is used to house the Provost’s travelling papers. Considering the bulge in the case, he’s been around a lot.


Provost Tarquin Kreel d'Tharashk

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