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  • Gun Mage

Gun Mage

From the magitechnological advancements in weaponsmithing during the last war, were born the military successors to the Cannith Wand adepts. While wand adepts were able to bring an unmatched versatility of power to the battlefield, they were still tied to the houses, and were rare enough to be prohibitively expensive. Enter the Gun Mage.

Gun mages were initially recruits trained in using the new firearms being produced that had magical talent, and used it to ‘tweak’ the enchantments laid in the weapon to optimise its operation. Much of this was unsanctioned, but the military rapidly approved further investigation and training when effectiveness was demonstrated.

Gun mages are a highly combat-oriented class, primarily focusing on the firing rate and potency of their guns, with a few combat tricks and manoeuvres thrown in there for good measure. Essentially, if you want actual spells? Multiclass as a wizard.


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