Setting Errata

There are a few things that don’t make sense in terms of Eberron’s magitechnological progress, or lack thereof. Many things can be relegated to corporate monopoly on the part of the Dragonmarked houses, expense of manufacture, or the anti-technological influence of a magic-oriented society, but some changes still need to be made.


With the clever use of an item launching spell bound to a correctly attuned Eberron shard, a weapon is born that essentially replicates the power and range of bows and crossbows, while being lighter to carry, quicker to load, and easier to fire than their less advanced counterparts.

Mechanically, guns are the same as crossbows but cost 10x more, are a quarter the weight and have a magazine of 10 (1gp) before requiring a move action to reload. Consequently, crossbows are more accurately harder to reload. Consult the following table for reference:

Item Cost Damage Proficient Range Weight Clip Reload
Hand Crossbow 25gp 1d6 +2 10/20 2lb 1 Minor
Handgun 250gp " " " 0.5lb 10 "
Crossbow 25gp 1d8 " 15/20 4lb 1 Move
Carbine 250gp " " " 1lb 10 "
Heavy Crossbow 30gp 1d10 " 20/40 6lb 1 Move+Minor
Rifle 300gp " " " 1.5lb 10 "


Initially, airships were made of Soarwood, and while this afforded them a sleeker and more effortless appearance, the Aerenal Elves were (and are) stingy with the rare material, leading to insane prices, and a demand that far outstripped supply. To cover the cheaper market (still horrifically expensive due to the elemental bindings required), House Lyrandar worked with House Cannith alchemists to create a stable form of gross matter that could repel gravity with force proportional to it’s temperature. Soarwood vessels are still far superior, but are typically employed as luxury and specialty travel.

Setting Errata

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